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Grady Ferguson has asked for prayer in regards to his health.  Please pray that Grady will be able to go out with another recovery time when we need him.

Pray that those traveling for Thanksgiving to be with loved ones will be safe.

Pray for donations to continue the ministry of New Baptist Disaster Relief.


Even if you are unable to deploy locally or out of state you can still support the vital work of NMBDR. 

  1. You can pray for volunteers while they are deployed.  Pray that they will be well and safe, that they will share Jesus to those they meet along the route and on-site as they clean up homes or provide food.

  2. You can pray for your church to become involved with NMBDR by:

  • Hosting regional training opportunities.

  • Recognizing opportunities to serve those in your own community.

  • Recognizing and encouraging NMBDR volunteers.


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