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Updated 12/7/2023

Bethel Baptist Church
Deming, NM

Don Davis and crew of 7 NMBDR volunteers and several members of the church started work this morning to move debris and prepare the church for restoration.  Work will continue into the week of December 11 - 16, if you can help with the recovery or help cook meals for the workers, 

               CLICK HERE TO RESPOND for Bethel BC Deming for week 2 (Dec. 11-16)_______

UPDATE FROM DON DAVIS and Butch Putman: 12/07 3:30pm

Work will continue next week through Wednesday at least.  As you can see from the pictures, this is a big job.  




"As we were tearing down the sound booth, we saw where whoever built it wrote some scripture on the inside of it."  


See the pictures below - DOUBLE CLICK FOR LARGER PHOTO.  These are profound words indeed "How then can they call on the one they have not believed in?..... and how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?..... and how can they hear without someone preaching to them?.....and how can they preach unless they are sent?..... How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news. ROMANS 10:15

Bethel Sanctuary Front
Bethel insulation
Bethel Insulation2
Bethel work 1_2
Bethel Work 3_4
Bethel Scaffold 1
Bethel Scripture 2
Bethel BC Deming





Repairs and upgrades made at the Sandia Baptist Church was led by Don Davis, NMBDR volunteers and  area church volunteers.



A joint effort of local churches, community members and an NMBDR Chain Saw Team ministered to an elderly couple in Corrales, NM  who were unable to clean up dead and downed trees on their property.




 OCTOBER - Cloudcroft, NM 

Don Davis headed up a joint effort of NMBDR volunteers and church members from across the state to make alterations and repairs at Sivells Baptist Camp in Cloudcroft. A small feeding team of NMBDR volunteers fed the workers.


NMBDR sent 3 recovery teams (20 volunteers) to Maui starting September 24 and ending in the early morning hours of November 10.  They helped homeowners recover personal property after August wildfires destroyed over 1800 hundred homes. 

NM RC Team 1 pictures

NM RC Team 2 pictures

NM RC Team 3 pictures


NMBDR volunteers prepared meals for campers at Inlow Baptist Camp in the Monzano Mountains.


Two Recovery teams deployed to FBC Salpulpa, OK in response to widespread wind damage. 


-- Quick Response Kitchen (QRK) deployed to Rotan, TX in response to a tornado incident. 

-- Shower Trailer deployed to Tinian, NM to support a GA/FBC, Santa Fe rebuild team finishing work on the burned Fellowship Hall at Tinian Baptist Church.

-- Replaced fascia at Mesa Valley Baptist Church, Albuquerque.


-- Chain Saw training, Sivells Baptist Camp, Cloudcroft.

-- Remodeled the bathroom in the FBC Church Parsonage in Springer, NM.

-- Remodeled the building for the 2nd NM Baptist Children's Home in Estancia, NM.

-- QRK provided lunch for The Rock at Noonday homeless ministries in Albuquerque.

-- Repaired and replaced damaged rafters and remodeled the restrooms at Mountain View BC, Albuquerque.

-- Conducted Serve-Safe for Managers course at BCNM.


-- NMBDR Annual Meeting and Celebration, FBC, Rio Rancho, NM.

-- Repaired a blown-down fence for an invalid senior citizen in Ruidoso, NM.



-- QRK deployed to Las Vegas, NM to support the Mission of Mercy (MOM) free dental and health clinic.

-- QRK deployed to Sandia Baptist Church in Albuquerque for the State Evangelism Conference.


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